Accessing Medical Cannabis: What You Need to Know

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Listed in this Health Canada document, we see more studies suggest that cannabis can be used to treat an array of symptoms and conditions, to help patients live a better quality of life. However, making the decision to use cannabis for medical purposes should not be taken lightly. We cover the steps everyone should take before accessing and using it for medical purposes.

Step 1: Do your research

There are many different strains, forms, and methods to incorporate cannabis into multiple forms of treatment. Thus it’s important to be educated on the effects cannabis may have on your body and mind.

Check out our series of articles that speak to the types of cannabis available, their benefits, and the science behind it.

Step 2:  Talk to your doctor

Now it’s time to speak to a healthcare professional that is familiar with you and your family’s medical history. Your physician should also be aware of any cannabis related therapies you may be considering.

As using cannabis for medical purposes is still considered new in the medical field, your doctor may be unfamiliar with all its uses and in turn be hesitant to recommend it. From your research in Step 1, you’ll be able to ask your doctor specific questions and will be better prepared to have a thoughtful conversation with them. Remember, be your own advocate and come prepared, as being informed is the best way to approach your physician.

If your doctor is unfamiliar with prescribing medical cannabis, you can consult with our patient educators by reaching out at (844) 586-3556 or and learn about your available options.

Once your doctor has approved your request to use cannabis for medical purposes, they must complete a Medical Document that will identify the limited amount of cannabis you are prescribed to purchase and use. Your doctor may use a different document, such as Bonify’s Medical Document, but it must contain the same required information as the ACMPR Medical Document. Remember, you will not be able to access medical cannabis without the original document, so it is essential it is completed and submitted to the Licensed Producer of your choice via mail or secure fax.

Step 3: Register with a Licensed Producer

Now that your authorized Medical Document has been completed, you can register with a Licensed Producer (LP) to obtain cannabis products for your own medical use. This includes fresh cannabis, dried cannabis and cannabis oil.

Number of Licensed Producers as of July 18, 2018

To register with an LP you will need to complete a Registration Form specific to the Licensed Producer and have your completed Medical Document from your physician approved by the LP.

Either go to the producer’s website or simply call them to learn more about their registration process and access their Registration Form. To register with Bonify, create an account and submit a Registration Form. Once we approve your documents you will be notified of your Bonify Member status and can then purchase medical cannabis.

You can also register across multiple Licensed Producers at the same time or switch to another one at any time. Switching is easier than ever. Simply call up your current Licensed Producer and request that your Medical Document is transferred directly to a different Licensed Producer. This can be done without any intervention from the doctor who originally completed your Medical Document.

Once you have successfully completed the Licensed Producer’s registration, you can legally purchase up to a 30 day supply of prescribed cannabis, with a maximum of 150 grams of dried cannabis.

Accessing medical cannabis is a process, but if done correctly, you will be able to access cannabis worry-free. For any questions about Bonify’s registration process please contact us here.

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