How To Dose Your Medical Cannabis Use

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Cannabis can have a number of effects on the body and mind, and it’s important to be aware of them before you start your medical cannabis treatment for the first time. Everyone has a unique bio-chemistry, which means cannabis and certain dosages affects everyone differently. As part of your prescription, your doctor will advise the best dosage for you, but it’s always best to start on a very small dose at first, and then gradually increase from there, better known as the ‘start low, go slow’ method.

Health Canada advises patients with no prior experience to medical cannabis about to start therapy should being at a very low dose of about 1 mg of THC and to immediately stop treatment if undesirable side effects occur, such as dizziness, feelings of anxiety and rapid heartbeat. It’s also important to document each experience in details, writing down the product, dosage and method used during consumption to better understand how medical cannabis unique affects you. You can also use a mobile app, Strainprint to track your strains, dosage and effects as well.

If you are smoking or vaping cannabis, you can expect to feel its effects within a few minutes of dosing and will typically peak within the first 30 minutes.  With oral ingestion, acute effects can be felt as quickly as 30 minutes up to 4 hours after administration. In some cases, acute effects can last up to 8 hours or longer, extending to up to 24 hours. If you’re new to using medical cannabis we advise administering treatment through inhalation first, such as using a vaporizer before moving on to using edibles.

How to Recognize Over-Consumption

If you have exceeded your recommended dosage of cannabis, there are many warning symptoms you must be aware of in order to take action; they can include confusion, dizziness, fainting, increased heartbeat, and panic attacks. Chances for serious over-consumption drastically increases if patients combine medical cannabis with other psychoactive drugs. Patients are warned not to smoke or vaporize cannabis and consume cannabinoids at the same time, as chances of over-consumption increase as well.

If you start to feel any of these symptoms seek consultation from your Licensed Producer or healthcare practitioner.

Remember, to play it safe with medical cannabis, it’s always best to start small and work up. Since everyone has different biochemistry, it’s very difficult to dose and most patients have to experiment

For awhile before they find the amounts, products and regimens that work best for them. So, remember the simple rhyme: start low and go slow.

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