Medical Cannabis: Knowing your Rights and the Rules to Follow

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If you have started taking medical cannabis short-term or even long-term, it’s essential to know the legalities you must follow once you possess and use it.

Whether you keep cannabis at home or take it on the go, here are the rules and regulations you need to know:

Keeping Cannabis at Home

If you’re a homeowner, the disclosure of medical cannabis is up to you, but if you are renting a property such as an apartment or condo, there are some guidelines you need to follow.

Although some lease agreements require no smoking or pets, Health Canada announced in 2017 that tenants are in fact legally allowed to possess and in some provinces grow medical cannabis within the rented home. They further stated these regulations do not require individuals to notify or seek the consent of their landlords, as such requirements would likely infringe on their right to reasonable access to medical cannabis.

Despite this being a hotly debated topic, for now, it’s perfectly legal to enjoy your medical cannabis within your rented property while the government and provinces look to finalize these regulations. If you are growing cannabis plants, ensure you keep them to the legal height and be aware of the increased costs and potential dangers of high water usage and humidity levels or electrical issues.

If you want to be an extra great neighbour, use a vaporizer or edibles and oils if in a multi-story community, as smoking cannabis can cause its strong smell to make its way into hallways or neighbouring suites.

Prescription Privacy

Despite medical cannabis becoming legalized in 2001, there is still a stigma about those who use it for treatment. Legalization of recreational cannabis will only further educate the public on its benefits but until then you can be rest assured your prescription will only be shared with the prescribing doctor and the authorized producers where you access your prescription.

Taking Cannabis on the Go

If your cannabis prescription requires daily doses, you need to be wary when travelling. When it comes to flying, the Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority (CATSA) does allow you to travel domestically with medical cannabis, but be prepared to show proper documentation. This includes your Health Canada-issued registration certificate, the product label from your Bonify purchased medicine and the Confirmation of Registration document you received upon registering with Bonify.  For more information, see Health Canada’s Guide to Understanding the Regulations.

It’s important to note that flying outside Canada with medical cannabis is illegal, even if you are flying to a city that has legalized cannabis or allows for medical cannabis prescriptions. So if you need to travel internationally, talk to your doctor about alternative medication that is safe to travel with.

Cannabis and Driving

Cannabis can have many different effects on the body, ranging from relaxation to alertness. However, like alcohol, cannabis is a drug which can impair your driving and affect the safety of yourself and others on the road around you. Even consuming small amounts of cannabis can affect your motor skills, slow your reaction time and impair your concentration, causing drivers to vary speed or be in control. In addition to risking your life and others, you could face charges of hefty fines and even jail time. Never drive under the influence.

If you are ever approached by law enforcement when you’re outside your home and not behind the wheel, you will need to demonstrate that you are in legal possession of medical cannabis. Simply present the label on the Bonify product package containing your specific client information and Bonify member card. Carrying your Bonify member card alone is not sufficient documentation to legally possess medical cannabis, so be sure to have both your Bonify card and product label with your information at hand whenever you are in public with medical cannabis.


By understanding legal regulations and being aware of your rights, you can take your medical cannabis worry-free. Have questions on cannabis regulations or want to learn more about our cannabis products, contact us here.

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