5 Support Groups for Cannabis Patients

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Although using medical cannabis as a form of treatment has been legal in Canada since 2001, there are many who are uninformed on its uses, effects, and benefits. If you’re new to taking medical cannabis, introducing a new drug to your body can be daunting or overwhelming.

In addition to our Learn series on cannabis, we have also put together a list of great support groups where patients taking medical cannabis can connect and reach out with their fellow patients. These groups, found on Facebook, provide a supportive and social environment and offer a platform to ask questions and learn about other patients’ experiences and stories. The best part, you can participate and join in on the conversation as much or as little as you like. You may even make a new friend or two from interacting with these cannabis communities.

Ashleigh Brown, co-founder of one of the support groups, SheCann says “medical cannabis can be a complex and overwhelming topic: from science to stigma, there are so many hurdles to overcome, and coming together as a community empowers us to clear these hurdles. Above all else, we begin to understand we are not alone.”

With hundreds of medical cannabis support groups on Facebook there is something for everyone. Here are just some of the support groups out there below for your convenience. Remember, the members of these groups are not medical professionals so always consult with your physician for professional advice before making changes to your prescribed treatment.

Cannabis Support Groups*

See our Facebook post for direct links to some cannabis communities on Facebook.

  • Cannabis in Canada
  • Cannabis Oil Success Stories
  • The InterNational Cannabis Patients Wall
  • Pediatric Cannabis Therapy
  • SheCann: Empowering Canadian Women

*Disclaimer: Bonify is not affiliated with the listed Facebook groups

Connect with the thousands of medical cannabis users every day and join the conversation. There is nothing more special than the support and motivation of others to strengthen our confidence, offer reassurance and boost our education.

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