How a Desire to Help Spawned Manitoba’s Largest Cannabis Producer

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Bonify is a Canadian-owned leading provider of quality-assured medical cannabis. By maximizing research findings and strictly adhering to best in class practices, quality standards and procedures, we produce cannabis products to help individuals get the most out of life each and every day.

Bonify’s Story

It was several years ago when Bonify’s Founder’s close personal friend experienced a tragic, life-altering accident. He saw his friend try other treatment options; it was medical cannabis which provided him with an improved quality of life. In 2013, Bonify’s Founder was introduced to the current Executive Chair of the Board, Jeff Peitsch. From Jeff’s experience as Chief Operating Officer at CancerCare Manitoba, he had also witnessed first-hand how medical cannabis helped persons living with cancer cope with their condition. Together, the two recognized there were legislative changes occurring in the supply and distribution of medical cannabis in Canada in late 2013. It was then that they made the decision to submit a License Application to Health Canada and embarked on a journey to make a positive difference.

The first item on their list to bring their vision to reality was to assemble a core team of individuals and stakeholders who, over the course of the rigorous application process, concentrated on building a solid foundation for a future of sustainable growth. In 2014, the team established a home base in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the heart of the North American continent. It is from there, in our 320,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility, that the team created an extensive quality assurance management system, carried out intensive training, and conducted focus groups with medical cannabis patients, individuals interested in medication innovation, and healthcare practitioners. One of the most common themes to come from the focus groups is that individuals want to be part of a larger cannabis community which has a focus on safe, quality-assured cannabis.

In June 2018, Bonify was afforded a License by Health Canada to sell medical cannabis and most recently licensed to produce cannabis oil in October 2018. The team continues their mission to improve the quality of individuals’ lives across the globe through the provision of a broad-ranging portfolio of innovative and quality assured cannabis-derived products and related solutions.

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