Who We Are

Bonify is located in a 320,000 square foot facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It is from here, the Heart of Canada, that each and every Bonify team member works passionately to achieve our goal of producing high quality cannabis for  better value.

What We Provide

Our Focus – On Your Needs

Simply put … we genuinely care about providing medical cannabis products when and how they are needed.  Whether you are a patient or a Health Care Practitioner we provide service to, you are a valued member of the Bonify community.

For Patient Members

We are working hard to help you become our customer; with you 100% of the way, we are committed to working equally hard to ensure you stay one. 

For Health Care Practitioners

We are similarly committed to aiding practitioners in the medical community as you assess whether medical cannabis is a treatment option for your patients.  

For The Community

We are focused on giving back to the communities we serve.  Through the employment of many, practicing good corporate citizenship, active industry participation and supporting causes that matter to our customers and employees, we strive to make a difference.  Developing and maintaining long term meaningful relationships with all of our stakeholders is a key measure of our success

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