We are excited to be building a community of patient Members to serve.

Right now, just like our medical cannabis product portfolio, our community is growing.  Our Members, Health Care Practitioners, and our expert team of employees and medical stakeholders will, together, advance the science and the informed use of cannabis-derived products.

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Educate.  Inform. 

We are driven to do both to help individuals learn more about medical cannabis and its uses.  Here are some answers to questions we are frequently asked:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Licensed Producer?

Yes, we are licensed to possess and cultivate medical cannabis under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations.

Are you accepting new patients?

Not yet; however Bonify is creating a Medical Cannabis Community and we welcome you to join us.  When you sign up, you will be among the first to know when we are accepting patients.

Is medical cannabis safe?

Health Canada’s ACMPR regulations are designed to ensure that there is a safe supply of medical cannabis available to individuals from Licensed Producers.  Bonify has implemented an extensive quality management system with over 300 components to assure consistent products are produced.

Once you are selling, how much product from Bonify can I order at one time?

You will be able to order up to 30 times your daily prescribed amount within any 30-day period, or up to a maximum 150 gram order per day, whichever is less.  For example, if your daily approved dosage is 3 grams/day, you can order up to 90 grams every 30 days.  If your daily approved dosage is 10 grams/day, you can order up to 300 grams in any 30 day period.

How much medical cannabis can I possess at any time?

Your possession limit is 30 times the daily quantity of dried cannabis written on your Medical Document by your Health Care Practitioner or 150 grams of dried cannabis, whichever is less.

Is medical cannabis claimable as a medical expense with the CRA?

Yes, medical cannabis purchased from a Licensed Producer such as Bonify can be claimed on your personal tax return.  The total amount of eligible expenses that you paid may be entered on your return.

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