Patients’ Health – The Focus

By adhering to best in class practices, quality standards and procedures, our team of professionals is laser-focused on producing safe, consistent medical cannabis products, to enable you, in keeping with your professional commitment, to confidently prescribe them; to enable you to help your patients feel better.


Health Canada has compiled this information package specifically for you, to assist you in determining how medical cannabis may be right for your patients. 

Dr. Paul Daeninck, a Winnipeg oncologist at St. Boniface General Hospital, a palliative care consultant with Cancer Care Manitoba, President Elect of the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids and Member of Bonify’s Scientific Advisory Board recently co-authored this peer reviewed publication regarding the use of cannabinoids in clinical practice. Dr. Daenick is also a contributing author of this publication on cannabis in palliative care: current challenges and practical recommendations.

Research & Development

At Bonify, we know ongoing research into the efficacy of medical cannabis is critically important. Supported by the National Research Council, Bonify has embarked on its research and development program with the view to developing precision therapeutic cannabis-derived products.